Friday, 24 November 2017

Grayson Perry – the most popular art exhibition ever!

On Sunday 12th November, I visited the Arnolfini in Bristol to check out the highly popular exhibition by the artist Grayson Perry.

The exhibition, even when visited on a Sunday, is full of people taking in the bright colours Perry uses on his artwork. Grayson Perry is an English artist commonly known for his ceramic art work and cross dressing. His art work is usually decorated with bright colours which depicts subjects such as stereotyping, society and politics.

Fans of Brexit can enjoy two ceramic vases, one for leave and another for remain. Perry was intrigued to see how quickly people identify which pot is which. Covered in images such as teapots, families by the sea, people walking the dog, going to the pub, all things quintessentially British. He asked people to send him their ideas of what should be on the vases. He also asked which colour they should be, both vases came out very similar with the imagery chosen and are both a gloomy shade of blue.
Photo credit: Evening Standard
One of my favourite pieces from the exhibition was the motorbike piece, the Kenilworth AM1 motorcycle, which is a custom build Harley-Davidson Knucklehead. Painted in bright colours such as pink and blue with words such as patience, doubt and humility painted on the bodywork. Perry wanted to break down the masculine stereotype behind the ‘motorcycle’ which is often associated with men and are usually painted in dark colours with flames and pin up women.
The Arnolfini is putting on the popular exhibition by the artist Grayson Perry, from Wednesday 27th September – Sunday 24th December 2017.

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