Thursday, 3 August 2017

July Round-Up!

July has been a fairly quiet month, mainly consisting of working and watching Love Island and because the weather hasn't been fantastic, it meant there have been many nights and days spent on the sofa watching various series on Netflix and eating a lot of Jaffa cakes.  

Firstly, I moved house! At the beginning of the month me and my 4 friends from university moved into our second year home. Like most moving days it was stressful and we definitely got irritated at a few things each other did throughout the moving process but once we had sorted out our rooms, the kitchen cupboards were filled with all of our plates, pans, several cheese graters and a copious amount of tea bags and hot chocolate variations, the celebrations started! We popped a bottle of prosecco and had ourselves a moving in BBQ which was fab! The food was amazing, the weather was great and the company was fantastic - July already started off amazing!
Soon after that, the next day to be precise, 5 turned into 2. Two housemates went back home to work for the summer and another ventured off on a trip of a life time to Asia. The house went quiet and at times it got a bit lonely but Lauren and myself kept each other company. The first big food shop was much easier and having a sofa each, meant evenings in were comfortable and cosy. We set up the kitchen pantry with all of our goodies and placed them neatly in their designated spot. Things like fairy lights were put up around the lounge, candles put up on the fire place and pictures on the walls, we quickly turned the house into our own. 
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Some days went slow and others very fast. Working very little hours meant that I had a lot of days off with not a lot to do and the need to save money was even more important without a student loan helping me out with the household bills.
I managed to visit home for a week, which as always brings you back down to earth. Living away from home of course has its perks and advantages but when you get a chance to go back, for me anyway, it feels a weight is taken off my shoulders. Not because living independently is stressful but you can have a few days of not having to think about household chores or what to cook for dinner. You can lay in your own bed, walk the dogs, use the washing machine without worrying about costs, catch up with old friends and raid the food cupboards knowing that they'll be refilled. Home really is where the heart is and thats why I try and go back at least once month or whenever I know I can.
July was relaxed but fun. I annoyed Lauren by requesting Love Island every night, even though I know she secretly enjoyed it! We drank hot chocolates, took trips to TK Maxx, spending far too much on candles and peanut butter flavoured coffee. Some days we opened up a Jamie Oliver cookery book and made a chicken pie, others we made crisp sandwiches for lunch and sang along to The Phantom of the Opera soundtrack. July was one of those months you'll remember for all of the little things you did and thats what made it great. 

Friday, 28 July 2017

ROME 2017

In May me and my friend Michael visited Rome for our birthdays. It was one of those we can't really afford it right now but who cares trip and it was 100% worth it! 

We spent the week eating insane amounts of carbs, drinking wine all day long whilst being the biggest tourists, snapping pictures of anything and everything. We stayed out into the night watching the Italian streets fill up with people while consuming amazing tiramisu and sipping Sauvignon Blanc. Rome was everything I had ever hoped and so much more.

Our first night was spent visiting the Fontana di Trevi and eating dinner at Canova in the Piazza del Popolo
Sitting on the steps of Victor Emmanuel's Monument - the first king of a unified Italy
Quite possibly one of the best views I've ever had whilst drinking beer
Standing outside Elizabeths apartment door (Eat, Pray, Love)
More pizza
I ate a ham and cheese croissant in-front of the Trevi Fountain on my 22nd birthday - AMAZING!
On my birthday we also went wine tasting with an Airbnb experience, we travelled to Lazio where we met this amazing group of people, drank wine, ate cheese and chatted for hours - we all went for more wine once the experience was over!
Another Eat, Pray, Love spot. My birthday dinner was at the restaurant Santa Lucia. The food was amazing, the wine was the best I'd ever had and the best bit was that two of the girls we met at the wine tasting joined us - best birthday so far!
Beers and an incredible view from Janiculum hill - definitely worth the trek up there!
On our last full day we went down to Naples where we stopped off for pizza, quickly it was back on the train to visit Pompeii.
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